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Is out and my fave songs so far are Marry The Night, Scheiße and Government Hooker. I also love Judas for sure but Marry The Night is currently on repeat. :D
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  • Listening to: Lady Gaga - Judas
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It's my 20th Birthday now. I feel kind of depressiv getting sooo old. lmao
Jokes! But 21 sounds so much cooler so I have to wait another year to finally sound mature.
I got so much stuff from the Peanuts now. So cool! A new TV, a new Burton Hoodie, some Candy and Gift Cards and stuff. :D
Have a great day people.
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so i know everyone is writing some now. so do i. because this new year is special.

i am currently in prague and about to celebrate new years eve here. this city is so magical but still got so many similarities with my hometown cologne. they drink so much beer. they have a few legends that are similiar to cologne legends and they have that cathedral which kinda looks like our cologne cathedral (kölner dom). i love it here even though i dont understand anyone. many germans are here so its kinda fun to walk around and be like "ah yeah they're from germany too".

whatever tomorrow we gonna make some photos. there are so many photos of prague on DA so i dont think i'll upload some because mine wont be as good as those professionals. o:

anyways have a great new years eve and a great new year!!!
as in germany we say "guten rutsch ins neue jahr"

see you in 2011 folks!
love <3
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i'm about to break. i'm all stressed up.
i kind of got fired then had to find a new job within a week. now i got that job but i'm not quiet sure if i even wanna do this. i ain't got any holiday. my parents are weird. i have to sign my new contract. i'm about to go to prague. so many stuff and no choice to ever just chill at home.
i wanna fall asleep without waking up the next morning.
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At the moment I'm quite busy with working and finally getting my drivers license + so much more.
The bad weather makes me so lazy.
I somehow have great ideas for some pictures but my self esteem got to a point way beneath zero.
I feel ugly and untalented. -.-
Hopefully I'll find a way back to my summer ego. xD
It's kind of a winter depression somehow though.

BUT! Theres one thing to celebrate at the moment. Edita Abdieski (my favorite) won germanys X-Factor last night. Congrats on that though. :D She's so talented and got such a great voice. Check her single "I've come to life" out and make her become a world star. :D

Whatever now I'm sitting here in my room waiting for a call from my boss to get to work.

Just wanted to write some stuff down because of boredom and feeling the need to talk.

Have a nice day, week, month, or whatever.


PS: Can't wait to go to Prague for New Year. :D
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okay i've been to the photokina yesterday.
and somehow it wasnt as good as i expected it to be.
2008 was definitely muuuch better.
even adobe photoshop wasnt there.
and in my opinion 3D cameras are shit and destroy the world of photography.
i personally hate 3D anyway its completely overrated.
anyway there were also a few cool things like the new sony nex-5.
such a shit good thing!!!!
but my fave company canon had some good stuff too. :D
all in all it was alright but could've been better.
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yes yes yes worlds largest and most important trade fair for photography starts soon in my city cologne. im uber excited about it. going there with my dear friend julia. we became kind of a creative duo haha.

im not the best photographer maybe i should take some lessons and stuff but im somehow too busy with my job and going to driving school that i cant find any time to go there too.

anyways EXCITED!
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i finished school this summer and i'm about to do a voluntary year of social service but i still get paid for it :D.
i think you all know what the red cross is.
i'm working for the german organization.
i'm gonna guide a girl at school. helping her to write and stuff.
gonna be cool i'm so excited. work starts monday.
it's my very first time to have a real job. and its such a cool thing because i love to help people. and disabled people really need our help so i'm fucking proud to be one of the 500 young people here to help.
i had workshops the last two weeks and my group is absolutely amazing.
everything is quite perfect now.
got some photoprojects running to make me finally become a better photographer and i got a job.
lifes good. yes it is. :D
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so i really enjoy my vacation in hungary. such a great country everythings so cheap here haha.
i enjoy the sun, the beach, the lake, the food, hungarian beer called soproni and cheap ciggys.
feels so good to just chill and relax all day long.
5 more days to come then it goes back to germany :D
can't wait somehow cos i miss my cats my parents and my friends. :(

have a good day folks
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So I'm done with school now and it seems like I'm the only person that's not happy about it.
But I really miss school. I got nothing to do now with all my spare time. Everyone else still has school or no one is up for doing some crazy shit. I feel quiet empty at the moment. If I do stuff with friends it's always the same. I need something new. I need a challange in life.

Second big thing going through my mind is: what to do in future.
Theres seriously nothing that fits to me. I'm scared because everyone tells me to study or get an apprenticeship. I don't have to do any of that. It's my life not theirs and I really don't care what society tells me to do with my life.

All this is completely pissing me off.
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so much good stuff happening at the moment
lena won the eurovision song contest SO AMAZING!!!
i've been to the lady gaga monster ball last week and it was huuuuge!
i finally found after ages of searching a shop thats selling chile jerseys for the world cup 2010
my friends are the best friends in the world just have to say it all the time over and over again
i got a lady gaga monster ball poster of the show in oberhausen SO PROUD!
and i finally made it through my last exam ever today.
goodbye math, business english, business economics and german.
so happy i could die
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been to prison yesterday. dont worry haha just for a classtrip. it was kinda cool to see how people live there. i hoped to see lady gaga dancin around haha didnt happen o: that was kind of depressing. anyways its still in my head and i cant stop thinking about it somehow. they have it quite good there and thats what scares me. somehow its cool to be there haha.
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Well, I know that no one is gonna read this.
So for those few who are about to I just wanna say that my 'work' if you wanna call it like that is not that good.
I like photography but I'm not good at it so enjoy my lame stuff.
Have fun byotches.